Faros Greek Cuisine

Welcome to Faros Restaurant

What makes Greek cuisine great? Is it the 4000 year old tradition that continues until today, the simple Greek ingredients used to produce the foods, the balance of the flavors or just the olive oil? I would say all of them together.

Here at Faros Greek Cuisine, we honor the Greek traditional food and offer delicious and nutritious dishes. Following the footsteps of our ancestors and using the knowledge and the same recipes used by our grandparents, we offer authentic Greek taste.

The Greek (Mediterranean) kitchen has demonstrated multiple health benefits. It includes ingredients from all the food groups. It combines all the nutrients in such quantities that not only work in favor of body wellness but also helps maintain a healthy body weight.

Finally, here at Faros Greek Cuisine, we guarantee that you will experience the authentic Greek traditional cuisine and you will find your way on a delicious journey. You will have the opportunity to visit Greece without having to pay for the plane ticket. And in case you are wondering what Faros means, it is a lighthouse. We have chosen to display the lighthouse from the island of Kefalonia, where I was born.

Welcome to Faros Greek Cuisine. We navigate your taste to pleasure.

The executive Chef,

Gerasimos Spathis